Batailles & blindes magazine No 65 LES STURMGESCHÜTZ-ABTEILUNGEN


Histoire de la guerre mécanisée et des engins militaires.

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Batailles & blindes magazine No 65 LES STURMGESCHÜTZ-ABTEILUNGEN

Batailles & blindés 65

THE STURMGESCHÜTZ-ABTEILUNGEN  In the shadow of the Panzer-Divisionen, but indispensable!

  • The Blindorama, Canada 1940-1945, Starting from nothing in September 1939, the Canadian Armoured Armed Forces experienced a spectacular boom during the Second World War. After producing the Valentine on Stalin’s behalf, the country began building its own tanks such as the Ram and the Grizzly, as well as other vehicles such as the Sexton self-propelled artillery, the Kangaroo troop carrier, the Otter armoured car and the Skink anti-aircraft tank that equipped its divisions and armoured brigades. Who would have thought?
  • 1910-1944 BIOGRAPHY ++, Christian Tychsen The fanatical warrior. Joined the SS at an early age, Christian Tychsen is the archetypal young wolf of the Black Order. A fanaticism that never fails, an unparalleled tactical sense, an unfailing heroism, a meteoric rise, so many character traits specific to this officer whose career is inseparable from that of the division “Das Reich” with which he fights in France, Moscow, Kharkov, Kursk. Before taking command at the age of 34 and perishing in Normandy in July 1944.
  • 1944 BATTLE The Hidden Battle of Aachen, America’s Last Chance to Cross the Rhine Before Christmas As the Allied armies arrive on the <<Siegfried” line, the Anglo-American High Command disintegrates, each of the great generals (Montgomery, Collins, Patton, Bradley) seeking to achieve the decisive breakthrough that will allow them to penetrate the Reich and end the war before Christmas. On the Aachen front, this lightness and underestimation paid for themselves when Collins’ V US Corps launched an attack from 12 to 20 September 1944…
  • 1939-1945 TACTICS, The Sturmgeschütz-Abteilungen In the shadow of the Panzer-Divisionen, but indispensable! The assault gun units of the German Army proved their usefulness during the France campaign of 1940. Sturmgeschütze’s batteries, then Abteilungen, became indispensable and proved to be more and more indispensable on the battlefield, especially on the Eastern Front, as these atypical armoured vehicles excelled in infantry support and anti-tank defence. Hugues Wenkin looks back at the structures, tactics and commitments of the StuGe.
  • 1945 ANALYSIS, What if the war had lasted another year? Part 1: The Myth of the Panzerwaffe’s Miracle Weapons What would have been the face of the Panzerwaffe if the Second World War had been extended for another year? There is no guarantee that the advanced tanks often mentioned would have been superior to their Allied counterparts. This Part 1 is devoted to the vehicles that would probably have integrated the Panzer-Divisionen and Schwere Panzer-Abteilungen, and to the tactical use that would have been made of them. We’ll cover Panzerjäger, StuGe and Allied equipment in the next issue.
  • 1973 UNITY, Blood, Sweat, Dust, and Tears! The 14th Israeli Brigade during the Yom Kippur War, October 6, 1973. While the Syrian Army is attacking in the Golan, the Egyptian Army is crossing the Suez Canal and taking everything in its path. The Hebrew forts of the 1st line of defense fell one after the other. But the IDF pulled itself together and launched its Magach and Sho’t against Egyptian T-55s and T-62s. The 14th Armoured Brigade spearheaded the defence and then the counter-offensive. It is largely to her that Israel owes its victory in Sinai.
  • 1921-1926 BATTLE, Tanks in Morocco! In 1921, the Spanish presence in Morocco was undermined by the rebellion of the charismatic Abd el-Krim. After the disaster of Anoual which ended in the death of 13,000 soldiers, Madrid decided to use great means and buy from France Renault FT and Schneider tanks which were sent there.

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