D-Day Tank Warfare


Armored Combat in the Normandy Campaign June-August 1944

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D-Day Tank Warfare

Armor at war 7002

  • Operation overlord, operation neptune, securing the beach-head, villers bocage, tiger vs sherman, operation epsom, operation goodwood, operation cobra, end of a tank ace michael wittmann, the falaise envelopment
  • D-day landings normandy june 6 1944 (m7 105mm hmc priest, m15a1 cgmc anti-aircraft vehicle, m10 tank destroyer, duplex drive dd amphibious sherman, omaha beach, utah beach, churchill iv, churchill avre bridgelayer, dukw, churchill bobbin mat layer, churchill avre petard mortar)
  • Reinforcing the beach-head (cromwell rtr, deep wading universal carrier, armored bulldozer, sherman firefly, sherman v polish 10th armoured)
  • Defending the beach head (dd sherman, sherman crab mine flail, m10 achilles tank destroyer, german stug iii, wespe, lorraine, canadian ram, m3a1 half-track, centaur iv, m4 dozer tank)
  • Initial fighting near caen (17 pounder sherman vc firefly, sherman ii dd, sherman crab, german tiger i tank, german 15cm schweres infanteriegeschutz 33/1)
  • The contentin fighting (sherman m4 m4a1, sherman m1 dozer, m10, m5a1, m12 155mm gun motor carriage, german panther)
  • Caen fighting ( centaur arv, tiger i, sherman crab, churchill bridgelayer, british m10, pz.kpfw iv, m7 priest hmc, cromwell cruiser tank, british sherman, churchill fascine carrier, cullin hedgerow cutter, jagdpanther tank destroyer)
  • Operation totalize (canadian otter, polish 1st armoured, canadian humberette, crusader aa tank, polish sherman v, m10, panther ausf a, stug iv, m5a1, german half-track, pz.kpfw iv, flakpanzer, m8 75mm hmc, sd.kfz 250 half track)
  • Battle for the falaise gap

This series provides an in-depth study of famous armored vehicles from various wars and conflicts. The carefully selected photos portray military vehicles in an interesting range of combat situations, and are supported by informative captions and an introductory text. The combination of fascinating combat photos will provide endless inspiration for fighting vehicle and dirama modelers. The 72-page format features no less than 150 high quality black and white period photos and a series of 16 colour plates.

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