Die 205. Infanterie-Division 1936-1945


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Die 205. Infanterie-Division 1936-1945

During the Second World War, the 205th I.D. was one of the few army units that remained undefeated together during the unconditional surrender on 8 May 1945 and began the bitter path to Russian captivity as a unit. The times in which a troop that was ultimately locally undefeated, such as the mushroom division in Courland, was allowed to withdraw freely in accordance with earlier rules of war were over. A hard fate had been fulfilled.
The division had a long way to go, which began with its formation in 1936 in the Freiburg i.Br. area and led to the occupation of the Westwall bunkers and additional training at the Münsingen military training area into the Western Campaign. After a glorious march back home, the division then saw itself in coastal protection on the Atlantic. From there, in January 1942, the route led to wintry Russia, where the soldiers of the division fulfilled their combat missions under the most difficult conditions and the toughest enemy deployment. 

The present illustrated book attempts to depict the path and fate of the 205th Baden-Württemberg Infantry Division in an impressive compilation of photos of former soldiers. For many comrades, the book is not only a valuable reminder of their own war experience; the presentation also offers an overview of the overall situation of the division, especially since Lieutenant General Richter, who died in 1962, has his say here, and the surviving Ia officers K. G. Klostermann, Hermann Linn and other former members of the division also report. Finally, the illustrated book should also have a high documentary value for all those who are interested in the history of the Second World War. Not least for military history research, it represents a contribution that should not be underestimated.

  • Deployment on
  • the Upper Rhine: Detachment from the Westwall position for reorganization in the rear area (Baar and Münsingen)
  • Western Campaign 1940
  • Transfer to the homeland
  • Coastal protection on the Atlantic February 1941 – January 1942
  • Transfer to Russia and deployment in the Velish area January to summer 1942
  • The division’s military cemetery in Belyayevo
  • Winter Battle of Velikiye Luki (turn of the year 1942/43) and defensive fighting in the area of Nowo Szokolniki
  • Movements and fighting from spring 1944
  • Tasks, structure and deployment of the supply troops
  • The medical system
  • The field chaplaincy

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