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Photo History of the Finnish Volunteer Battalion of t1he Waffen-SS 941-1943

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Dritte Nordland

Dritte Nordland is rare glimpse into one of many units that made up the Waffen SS. The photos are crisp and show a lot of detail which makes this volume indispensable for modelers, reenactors and history buffs alike. While the written part of the book is mostly captions (bi-lingual), the obligatory Preface by the Author and of course the Introduction, which is a well done brief synopsis of the Battalion from their induction into the Wehrmacht to their dissolving when Russia and Finland had called a truce.

The beginning of this unit came out of a diplomatic necessity for Finland due to the Soviet Union’s invasion. Finland was already politically tense as they watched their neighbor invade Poland; then on 30 November 1939 just two months after the start of WWII, the Soviet Union had invaded the Karelia area of Finland. Finally the Finnish Government and Himmler made some diplomatic headway, and in secret it was agreed that the Finnish would provide some 400 volunteers (all veterans of the Winter War) to the SS. Those who were trained were to become members of the first truly Pan-European division in the Waffen-SS, the 5.Waffen-SS-Division ‘Wiking’ (originally called 5.Waffen-SS ‘Nordische Division’). Then a fully Finnish Battalion was raised under the agreement that its officers and NCOs were to be Finnish as well. During this time due to political constraints and tensions Germany made many unsuccessful attempts at getting a concrete alliance with Finland. On June 22, 1941 Germany dissolved the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact and invaded the eastern frontiers of Soviet Union, thus beginning that Hellish cauldron of barbarism known as the Eastern Front. In March 1943 SS-Finnish-Battalion was stood down, and with the Finnish and the Soviet Union having made separate peace, June and July of that same year saw the official disbandment of them as official Waffen-SS.

While the infamy of the Waffen-SS will always out-shadow their combat record, there can be no denying their tenacity in the face of overwhelming odds nor that the Finnish SS-Battalion were one of many in the world’s first Pan-European army This book chronicles the beginning from a handful of volunteers in 5.SS-Div.’Nordland’ Finnish volunteer Battalion all the way to their laying down arms and crossing their own homeland border. The history of this unit is captured through gripping images, documents and in quick but informative descriptions.

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