La Luftwaffe face au débarquement allié


Messerschmitt 109 G et Focke Wulf 190 A au combat en Normandie et en Provence, 6 juin au 31 août 1944

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La Luftwaffe face au débarquement allié

It was in 1999 that a substantial work published by Heimdal Editions put things in their rightful place and offered with a wealth of information, details and photos an exhaustive panorama of the intervention of German hunting in the skies of Normandy and the Île de France then in Provence, after the Allied landings on the Mediterranean coasts. If, compared to the 15,000 sorties carried out by American and British aircraft during the day of June 6, the Luftwaffe for its part had only been able to organize a little more than 300, four days later there were 1,300 aircraft on black crosses including nearly 500 hunters belonging to around twenty hunting groups who will be able to intervene, a peak being recorded on the following August 20 with 580 Focke Wulf 190 A and Messerschmitt 109 G present on the front while the Wehrmacht is in full retirement. Most of the time fighting in a ratio of 1 to 10, German fighter pilots will have paid the price of blood for their interventions in the skies of France, more than a thousand of them having been shot down with their aircraft during hundreds of aerial battles pitting them against Mustangs, Thunderbolts, Typhoons and other Spitfires displaying white stars or cockades. In return for these terrible losses, these same German pilots will have fulfilled their duty as soldiers to the end of their moral and physical strength: more than 1,200 claims of aerial victories, recorded between June 6 and August 31, testify to their determination and their courage.

This large format, highly illustrated book is a detailed study of the performance of Luftwaffe Me109’s and FW190’s over the skies of Normandy during the invasion. The appendices alone make the book worth every penny, detailing all the German victories and losses.


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